My name is Jasper Bronkhorst MA. I started my career in 2001 as an investment analyst. Now I’m an entrepreneurship and investment lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and managing my own money.

On my Dutch blog I reached up to 30.000 investors per month. Now I start The Global Value Report to educate investors worldwide about the best ways to improve performance.

In this newsletter I share my analysis on the latest stock markets valuations, worldwide bond rates and stocks. My newsletter will help you to avoid paying too much for stocks and find profitable investment opportunities worldwide.

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I’m interested in the science of investing and study the best in the business like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and John Bogle to increase investment returns. I translate my learnings in an effective investment training program for my students and actionable insights for this newsletter. Insights like:

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Jasper Bronkhorst MA

Investment lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science Jasper Bronkhorst provides independent and actionable research to individual investors to improve their investment decisions.